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I’m going to let you in on a little secret:

Short stories have always been my favorite. They allow the writer to have fun, to push the limits, and accomplish the awesome ability to share a story without all the ‘commitment’ that a novel asks for.  Just because I have yet to put out a second novel that doesn’t mean I haven’t been churning out short stories.  For every story that I’ve submitted to the wonderful WPAD anthologies there are two or three collecting dust on my hard drive.

So I’ve decided to go through my library of shorts, handpick my personal favorites, and release them to the public for FREE. Some of them have never been read by anybody other than myself. Some I have published in my own collections over the years. They cover all the bases from terrifying to humorous to the downright bizarre. Hell, you might even shed a tear or five.

Consider these stories an introduction into the weird world that is my head.

I will be releasing them sporadically over the next several months.

So, without further ado, I offer you DRIFT.

DRIFT started out simple enough. I wanted to write a story about a young couple that get stuck in a snowstorm. I was inspired by the true story of Michael Wamsley and Janelle Hornickel – two kids high on meth that died in the Nebraska snow.  I ended up with a Lars Von Trier-esque heroine stuck in a David Lynch-esque nightmare.  Curious? Just click on whichever format below and download it for free.

Hurry, it looks like more snow is in the forecast…



[Just click on the link. There will be three boxes in the upper right hand corner  SHARE, OPEN, and … CLICK on … and select DOWNLOAD to read later]

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